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Jeffrey Henseler, Passport Legacy founder and Managing Partner, for many years successfuly works and advises wealth individuals, families and their consultants in the field of acquiring alternative residence and citizenship.

About Jeffrey Henseler

Jeffrey Henseler is a professional migration advisor at Passport Legacy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Growing up in Switzerland he studied at Saint Charles Cooperative Society in the French part and therefore has good knowledge of French apart from being fluent in English and German. Jeffrey has built up a strong international experience from working in Zurich, Cape Town and Dubai.

He has developed an extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of today’s globalized world using it to offer the best solutions for private high net worth individuals who are interested in residence and citizenship planning.

a second citizenship

Obtaining a second citizenship is becoming a higher and higher priority for many people in today’s globalized world. From visa-free travel to providing long-term security for families, dual citizenship provides a number of social and economic benefits, particularly for those currently residing in countries with limited travel options. For high net worth individuals, several options exist in terms of gaining additional citizenship, allowing them to obtain a second passport quickly and legally. Passport Legacy is able to provide three main services which are a citizenship-by-investment, a citizenship through donation, and residence visa programs.

Citizenship-by-Investment allows individuals and/or families to apply for full citizenship of a country through a qualifying investment in Europe - Malta, Cyprus, Moldova and in the Caribbean - Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Dominica. Many high net worth individuals prefer the citizenship-by-investment option as the money they invest remains theirs in the form of real assets. While all of these countries require the investor to hold the purchased asset for a few years, often in the form of a real estate acquisition, they are free to do with it as they wish once the required time commitment has lapsed, but still keep their acquired citizenship. Citizenship-by-investment has been known to be profitable in some cases where the purchased land appreciates over the holding period.

Citizenship and Residence Programs

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Citizenship by donation is available

Citizenship by donation is available for all Caribbean programs and has a lower up-front cost than the citizenship-by-investment route. The difference is that the payment is a non-refundable donation rather than a real estate purchase, and does not entitle the donor to any assets. Clients who do not wish to purchase real estate or invest as large a sum find this option to be very attractive in gaining a second passport. High net worth clients find this an affordable means to enjoy visa-free travel to over 182+ countries and citizenship in a tax haven.

Finally, there is the option of the Golden Residence Permit Program in Portugal. This residence visa entitles an investor to a residence permit which enables limitless travel within the Schengen region. It is a fast-track and hassle-free path to an EU residency. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to apply for a Portuguese passport after six years. The Golden Visa has lower initial investments and a slower path to a citizenship but it grants an almost immediate residency and comes as a valuable asset to anyone doing business or traveling within Europe.

There are numerous benefits of obtaining a second passport or a residency in an EU country. Obtaining a second citizenship is not only a way to hedge your bets against economic instability, but also allows you to diversify your nationality portfolio and carries immediate perks like visa-free travel, tax benefits, and could possibly even be profitable. We will do a full assessment of your current situation and requirements in order to advise you on the most optimal program, to meet your needs. Contact us directly, and we will manage the process of application from start to finish.